Engineering Mathematics (Online)

This is a level 2 course aimed at students pursuing a degree in Engineering disciplines such as electrical, civil, or mechanical engineering. Teaching in this course will always be supported by practice problems and computer simulations.  It covers the following topics.

The Vector Space Rn, 

Linear Dependence and Independence

Homogeneous and Non-homogeneous Systems of Linear Equations
Eigenvalues,  Eigenvectors,  Diagonalization, and Orthogonal and Symmetric Matrices
Vector Functions of one Variable
The Gradient Field, Divergence, and Curl
Line Integrals,  Green’s Theorem
Independence of Path and Potential Theory

Surface Integrals

Divergence Theorem of Gauss

The integral theorem of Stokes

Complex Number (Polar Form)

Loci and Sets of Points in the plane

Complex Functions, Limits, and Continuity, Cauchy-Riemann Equations
Power Series

The Exponential and Trig. Functions, The Complex Logarithm

Integration of Complex Function
Cauchy’s Theorem and Consequences of Cauchy’s Theorem
Taylor Series, Laurent Series, Singularities, The Residue Theorem, Evaluation of Real Integrals